The International Lantern Festival is lighting up the Thailand skies in August

in Chiang Mai, Thailand were more vivid over the last week thanks to the “International
Lantern Festival”. This is going on along the moat with the primary level, with
social activities in the evening, at Thapae Checkpoint. The aim of the event is
to enjoy the 81st wedding of HM The King but also to advertise Chiang Mai as a
vacationer fascination during the low season. The lantern event features lamps
of all styles from all over the globe. For example from Asia, South Korea,
Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka. The “International Lantern Festival” carries on until Friday 29th Aug 2013
from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

August 21-29 there is an onslaught of booking Bangkok holiday packages for the primary entry to the old town of Chiang mai became an International
Lantern Festival. The place around
Thapae Checkpoint became the site of several huge events, presenting the wide
range of lamps from societies around Asia. During this period individuals
create or buy little Krathong (floats) ornamented with candle lights and
blossoms and drift them on waterways, sea or other systems of h2o to let go of
bad fortune and bad emotions and welcome in best of fortune and happiness.

was exciting to walk around the place and check out the wide range of styles
that showed at least six different nations. Along with the reveals, there were
also several music and functions which add to the interest.  But the lamps were not only in its most
well-known collecting place.  Spread
throughout the rest of the town, and the moat, were at least thirty lantern
styles of the globe”s most popular destinations. The chosen styles were signs
from all parts around the globe such as the Sydney Opera House, London’s Big
Ben and Japan’s Torii gate.